Starting a blog

June 04, 2021

I am starting a writing habit.

I find that ideas, concepts, and values become engrained into my brain when I spend the time to collect, collate, and then manifest them somewhere. Currently, they manifest as conversations with friends and family, as doodles or notes in a notebook, or as a digital note in a tool like Craft.

So why add blog posts as another artifact of thought? I am a private person by nature, so blogging is an attempt at getting out of my comfort zone. It's a way to tell both close friends and acquaintances what I'm currently most passionate about and what I'm working on. I'm forcing myself to engage more publicly with a more diverse group of people.

Our ability or willingness to interact with people who are different from us is a critical part of our [conversation] OS, worth developing. It's something our world needs to work on, as well. Without increasing our capacity for engaging with diversity, we limit ourselves to what we currently know and feel.

Good Talk - Daniel Stillman

Finally, I want to start to create more than I consume. My plan is to post at least once a week. I'm excited to share with you all!